Concepts such as sustainability and energy efficiency are increasingly common in business contexts and catering.
The strategy of a company cannot fail to implement improvement actions to protect the environment.

To remain competitive on the market and continue to grow, companies need to take up the challenge of sustainability. Only those who can adapt to constant changes can anticipate the expectations of their customers and establish themselves as leaders in their sector.

In recent years, investments in projects related to efficiency and environmental protection have grown exponentially. There are many actions that companies can put into practice to protect the environment:

  • invest in innovative energy efficiency projects;
  • use renewable sources and design products with low environmental impact;
  • install intelligent kitchen systems and photovoltaic systems;
  • use high efficiency motors;
  • new generation inverter refrigeration systems.

HORO is implementing a sustainable business model that takes into account the needs of investors but at the same time looking at the needs of future generations.

To encourage sustainable production, there are many incentives that companies can request, this form of financing is aimed at facilitating ethical behavior, a great opportunity with which you can get great savings on the installation, assembly and maintenance costs of the new plants.

HORO has always been at the side of companies that have accepted the challenge of sustainability and commits its know-how to find innovative solutions that meet their needs.