Reliable Design

HORO offers 3 years warranty on the Professional Equipments

Dedicated Control for each unit.

HORO can provide a Worldwide, Real Time Remote Equipment Check, to ensure performance and deliver fast system update.

Hob and Control Panel with thickness from 3 and up to 5mm to avoid twisting, deformation and deterioration.

Dedicated Electronic Sensors for  System protection and Heaters control

Hermetic Hob and hermetic Control Panel

The equipment units are assembled with a full sealing system without external sealant which can deteriorate over time.

Waterproof control Knobs

No grids or visible opening on the kitchen Units

Over engineered elctronic components to increase reliablity and longevity

Protection of electric components with cooling system and air filters  – Easy maintenace and cleaning

“Design is a fun word. Some people think that design means what a thing looks like. But of course, if you dig deeper, it actually means how that thing works.”
Steve Jobs