Air Purification

Industrial Kitchen Suction System

Almost 30% of the total power consumed in a Restaurants is taken from the HVAC System (Heating System, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), 75% of this energy is used by the extraction Hood System only. Is therefore obvious that a correct and mindful design of the kitchen will have a great impact on the final cost for the entire business.

The Air Flow in the Kitchen is thus seen as a whole, designed for a better integration between heating System, Cooling System, Air Purification, Ventilation System and pressurization of the neighboring ambient with a special attention to Extraction Hood System.

A precise and modular management of the Air Flow Rate is crucial and is calibrated accordingly with the effective load (including partial or zero loads)- The energy saving trend is to reduce the expulsion air and consequently the overall ventilation air.

The implementation of an Air Recycling System in the Kitchen has a great impact on the overall performance of the Hoods itself, therefore resulting in a significant energy saving.The traditional system viceversa must compensate almost 100% of the expelled air, sucking from outdoor and forcing the system to treat the air introduced in the environment, with a significative heigher power consumption. -A slight difference in negative pressure (5 Pa) is always recommended to keep the kitchen area in depression in relation to the other confined rooms (such a restaurant room).

Extraction Hood System for Industrial Kitchens without chimney

A good Extraction Hood System in a Restaurant Kitchen or Canteen is mandatory in order to fully comply with workplace hygiene and safety regulations

The specific regulation varies from place to place, but quite often it is mandatory a Purification Treatment before to release the exhaust fumes on the open air, also to prevent contamination of the neighborhood space and therefore incur sanctions.

In addition to compliance with regulations, it is important to remember that the kitchen air is full of oil vapors, pollutants and other odors that can make the work environment unhealthy.

HORO produces specific systems that allow to purify the air with Filtering System is in-built in the Kitchen Hoods.

HORO do apply specifically designed filters for the cooking steam treatment, for oil mists, grease and odor fumes treatment, for the purification and sanitization of the expelled Air. The Air purification System in addition helps to reduce maintenance costs by reducing mold, organic micro-dusts and the oil deposit in the suction pipes.

Upgradable Multistage Filter Modules

One of the most critical Design aspects for restaurants and fast food inside historic centers, commercial areas, shopping centers or large residential units, is the expulsion of the fumes generated by various types of cooking due to the olfactory impact generated by these pollutants.

The HORO fat and odor abatement system is a sequential multistage system for the treatment of cooking fumes, which allows the expulsion of cleaned air in the outside environment.

The air sucked from the hoods is purified by a system composed of sequential purification stages, the first mechanic retains the coarser particles, such as dust, spores, animal hair and anything else in suspension and evenly distributes the flow of air to be purified towards the UV and Ozone lamps, to then pass through the electrostatic filter where the high voltage applied to the cell creates an electrostatic field, capable of positively charging the contained particles in the incoming air, attracting them on a series of ground captive plates, with different polarity. The efficiency of this type of filter reaches 95% even with air having a relative humidity higher than 80%. These filters can be used in centralized ventilation systems, for centralized air conditioning system, in the treatment of industrial fumes, canteens and workshops.

Energy Savings – Smart Ventilation

The HORO System does regulate the Air Flow Rate for each Fan Hood, precisely and indipendently for each unit. It can reduces up to 64% the  Air intake quantity, with incredible saving in power consumption from the heating and air conditioning system. The Fun extractor are optimized and electronically regulated to adjust their speed depending on the load. The System balance itself for air suction and air vent operations  self regulating the circuits.It can be controlled through its intuitive interface and the onboard touchscreen.

Filtering Unit

Sequential multistage filtering system for the treatment of exhausted fumes  from the cooking activity, to allow their expulsion in the outside Air.

The efficiency of the filters reaches 95% even with air having a relative humidity higher than 80%.

These filters can be used in:

  • centralized ventilation systems
  • centralized air conditioning system
  • treatment system of exhausted fumes from industrial activity
  • catering activity and various type of workshops.

UTA Filter

It is a filtering module that treats the air pollution with an electromechanical system.

These filters have an high efficiency up to 95% even with air having a relative humidity higher than 80%. UTA air purifiers are modular and they can be used  as a single functional unit or as part of customized air handling units (AHU).

  • centralized ventilation systems
  • centralized air conditioning system
  • treatment system of exhausted fumes from industrial activity and restaurants
  • welding workshops.