There are several causes that lead a worker to injury or illness. The following factors play an important role:

1. Technical and infrastructural deficiencies
(Weak points, non-compliant machines and appliances, confined spaces, wear, design errors, etc.)

2. Organizational deficiencies
(Overwork, lack of time, unhealthy work environment, unclear work procedures, lack of training, etc.)

3. Human Factor
(Carelessness, misunderstanding with foreign speaking staff, easiness, haste, tiredness, insufficient training,etc.)

4. Work accidents
Works accidents statistics clearly shows how danger can be this work environment.
Also consequences for the companies can’t be overlooked.
Absences from work (medical test, hospital admisson, recovery periods).
Overtime of other workers to cover up the absent colleague, physical damages prevention, reorganization of work procedures, decrease of performance, frequent errors, underused human resources, unhealthy work environment,loss of customers, reduction in revenue, company reputation damages, social and family repercussions.

Horo’s mission is to contain and eliminate all these inconveniences.

Thanks to a temperature reduction in the kitchen up to 20 degrees, the employed staff works better and it is safer.

Reduced Air spin allow for an healthier and more comfortable work environment improving work performance.

Narrowing an excess of contaminated air from volatile greases keep the air cleaner and reduce the cooking smells in the environment.

No more flames and unburnt gases that burn oxygen.

A comfortable work environment for improved performance and reduced staff turnover.


A simple and minimalistic design for a unique and contemporary style, a safer kitchen with protrusion-less surfaces and integrated controls.

Intuitive controls and ergonomics equipments, fine adjustments through scroller or touch screen controls for Pasta cooker, Fryer, Fry-Top, Braising Pan, Bainmarie, plate warmers, temperature keepers.

3 years warranty on all components

Electric only, no-burst risks,  with consequent lower Insurance costs.

Flameless, no-burn risks.

Dedicated Temperature Sensors for residual heat detection, for a safer cleaning operation.

Hob and dashboards fully sealed to avoid water and liquid infiltration in the circuits compartments.

A Monoblock kitchen with a clean design fully sealed, thus ensuring maximum hygiene and safety but a beautiful aesthetics.

Efficient cleaning

Quick and safe cleaning.

Water saving.

By using an electric powered-only kitchen, there is no dispersion of volatile greases in the air, ensuring an healthy and clean environment.

Low Environmental Pollution due to a lower usage of detergents.

With the Induction Cooking System no more charred pots.

Watertight work-top, spry washable.

Neutral Units with rounded hygienic edges.

Pasta Cookers and Deep Fryers with rounded edges pools for easy cleaning

Scratch-resistant surface finish

Frytop drains directly integrated in the waste line.

Flush Scroller and knobs with hermetic anclosing.

Ergonomic and water-proof Adjustable Touch Screen Control

Anti-drop edges

Integrated drainages

Flush lids, protrusion-free

Reliable Design

HORO offers 3 years warranty on the Professional Equipments.

Dedicated Control for each unit.

HORO can provide a Worldwide, Real Time Remote Equipment Check, to ensure performance and deliver fast system update.

Hob and Control Panel with thickness from 3 and up to 5mm to avoid twisting, deformation and deterioration.

Dedicated Electronic Sensors for  System protection and Heaters control.

Hermetic Hob and hermetic Control Panel.

The equipment units are assembled with a full sealing system without external sealant which can deteriorate over time.

Waterproof control Knobs.

No grids or visible opening on the kitchen Units.

Over engineered elctronic components to increase reliablity and longevity

Protection of electric components with cooling system and air filters  – Easy maintenace and cleaning.